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Applecider Vinegar to Remove Moles and Warts

Applecider vinegar to remove moles and warts had been around for ages and some proponents believed that this liquid works amazingly to treat skin growths in the body. Anecdotal facts showed that the applecider vinegar to remove moles and warts had been around during the ancient times and used as a fat burning solution. This fermented solution contains acidic elements that when applied to the mole will cause reaction and will shrink the mole or makes it become lighter in shade.

Applecider vinegar to remove moles and warts is a sour-tasting and is commercially available for kitchen purposes. However, due to successful experimental work of some people who tried to use this solution in their warts and moles, the result is unexpected and unbelievable. To use the applecider vinegar to remove moles and warts you have to soak the cotton ball into the applecider liquid. Then the soaked cotton balls is placed on top of the mole. Cover it with a band aid strip to keep it sticking for a long period of time. People usually do it in the evenings or during in their idle times. It is advised to repeat this procedure, replacing new cotton balls soaked with apple cider vinegar for at least three times a day. Others who want to get rid of the protruding moles see the effect of applecider vinegar to remove moles and warts after 2 weeks. The result can be faster as the moles will shrink or decrease in size and eventually scabs off the skin.

The home made remedy of using applecider vinegar to remove moles and warts is effective to some people but not for all. It is true because each person have different types of skin with different reactions to each particular treatment. What works for John may not work for Joe. Moles are different than other skin growths and there are tendencies that few moles may become a skin cancer. People should not be led to believe that anything made of natural ingredients used as alternative remedies for moles may not always work. That is why consultation with a skin expert is recommended to check for the changes its shape, size, color of the moles that warrants removal using other medical procedure.

The applecider vinegar to remove moles and warts may be useful to remove cosmetically undesirable moles but there are some limitations. Moles that become a melanoma need to be removed not only superficially but including the underlying cells. A biopsy test will confirm how big the tumor is before the whole area is totally removed. Removal can not guarantee that the moles will not recur again. However, it is always important to practice anti-sun protection to prevent moles and melanoma from growing back into the skin.