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Having moles on the genital area such that of moles on penis is not usual for all men. Some men have moles on penis due to hormonal changes. As they began to grow and become adolescent men may experience skin pigmentations including growth of moles on penis. Moles on penis may come in light to dark brown or black and appears in the penis shaft, scrotum or foreskin, which are normally benign. There are beliefs that moles on penis area are signs of sexual power that makes a man more active in sex. If this is true, then moles penis are something that need to be kept by most men as an asset. Most moles are commonly found in the back, neck, hands and legs. These moles are generally normal and harmless and if a man has moles on penis that become unusual, then see a doctor.

Having moles on penis is unique and someone should think of it as an asset instead of an embarrassment. Some people are crazy about their moles on penis that they wanted to have them removed, because it can be a health risk. This is true if the presence of a mole-like growth on penis is a sexually transmitted disease called warts. Warts on penis should not be confused as moles and these are harmful type of STD. You have to know the difference between normal moles on penis or warts by looking at the symptoms. If you are not sure about it, you have to see your doctor.

Moles on penis should not be more than 6 mm and have one solid color, well-defined shape, and flat surface. Moles on penis that are slightly raised may rub against skin during sexual intercourse and it may get irritated. But as long as the moles on penis do not change its growth pattern by getting bigger, changing its color, shape or become lumpy and become painful, then there is nothing to be worried about.

If moles on penis affect your sex life, you can go ahead and have it removed cosmetically. There is no stopping you to have your moles on penis removed as long as you know the consequences. It is a painful procedure and requires anesthesia. If the removal of moles on penis can get rid of your embarrassment then se a doctor to arrange what method of removal technique is best for you.

People who seek removal of moles on penis can choose among surgery, cauterization, laser treatment or freezing. The doctor will examine the moles on penis to find out if there is a potential risk of melanoma. The doctor will consider other factors such as heredity or if there is family history of skin cancer. Although the penis is not exposed to the sunís UV rays, the coloring pigment of the skin can get anywhere in the body including the genital area.