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Body Warts

Warts are caused by the human papilloma virus (HPV) they may be found anywhere on the body. In the United States approximately 75% of the population is infected with some type of hpv infection. Listed below you will find the various types of human papilloma virus, or body warts.

Warts are second only to acne, in dermatological complaints. Studies show that three, out of four people will develop warts at some point in their lives. Body warts can be spread to other parts of the body by, touching them, using objects that a warts infected person has come into direct contact with prior to you. Warm, moist places such as public pools, showers, locker rooms, at home bathrooms, grass, shoes, and towels are breeding grounds for hpv to grow. Wear thongs while at home, or in public places to protect the entire family against becoming infected with any type of body warts. Without a fully developed immune system children, and young adults are more prone to become infected with a body warts infection. There is a very good possibility that a person can become infected with some type of body warts at any stage of life. The whole body is susceptible to becoming infected with HPV. A warts treatment that a health care provider can recommend is Warts No More. This product has proven time and again that it is successful in destroying body warts without scaring.

Common warts are small, hard, rough bumps that are round and will be elevated the most common place to find them is on the back of hands, and fingers around the nails. This type of body warts appears on the hands, and fingers, because people tend to bite their nails, and pick at hang nails leaving an opening for the warts virus to enter. These common, body warts are called seed warts, because they have a tiny black dot that resembles a seed. Actually, the black dot is a capillary vessel that carries blood to the common, body warts. A parentís answer to prayers, Warts No More, is a product that a health care provider can inform parentís about. warts no more can remove any type of body warts within a few weeks without scaring, and the pain suffered by a child, or adult going through acid treatment.

Digitate warts, this body warts is finger like, and horny the warts appears to have a pea shaped base. These warts will be found on the scalp, and around the hairline of those people infected with the common, body warts virus. The color of this warts will be brown, or flesh colored. Remove this irritating body warts without acid, that is painful and leaves you scared, ask a health care provider about a product called Warts No More, that will remove the body warts in a short time without surgery, or acids.

Filiform warts, is another common body warts. This warts appears thin and thread like on the face and neck. As with all warts if this body warts is scratched, or picked it will bleed, and spread. Again this body warts will appear brown, or flesh colored. If you are tired of getting this type of body warts caught in clothing, being inflamed, and bleeding ask your health care provider about a wonderful product called Warts No More. Warts No More can remove the warts without surgery, or treatments that cause scaring.

Flat warts, are found on face, neck, chest, arms, forearms, hands, wrist, and knees. This type of common body warts may appear raised with a flat, or rounded top. Flat body warts have been referred to as aging, or liver spots in the past, flat warts are brown in color. It is thought they are spread on men in the beard area through shaving. Women are also more prone to have the same problem with this type of common body warts on their legs. A body warts product on the market that is recommended by your health care provider called Warts No More, can remove flat warts without scaring and without an enormous amount of pain.

Periungual warts, these body warts appear rough, elevated and irregular. The areas in which these warts are generally found are the fingernail, and toenail region. They can become evasive and find their way under the nails; at this stage the periungual body warts becomes extremely painful. A treatment called Warts No More, by Forces of nature have proven time and again that it is capable of destroying this body warts. The Warts No More treatment can remove the warts in a matter of a few weeks without scaring.

Genital warts is a body warts that is a sexually transmitted disease (STD). A partner becomes infected through oral, genital, anal sex, sexual foreplay, skin to skin contact where the infected skin cells attach themselves to an uninfected partner. Pharmacist, as well as health care providers are recommending a product called Warts No More by Forces of Nature for eliminating body warts ask them for more information.

Men and women can be infected with STDís without showing any signs, or symptoms. There are 20 million cases of STDís in the United States alone, with an estimated one million newly reported cases per year, and another one million cases that are completely unaware that they are infected. This body warts is highly contagious, and can cause an enormous amount of damage both mentally, and physically. Both men and women need to be tested for STDís once a year. Women should have a Pap smear to look for evidence of HPV and abnormal cells on the cervix that can become cancerous if left unattended. Men should see a health care provider once a year also to prevent anal cancer. A genital body warts often cannot be found on the outer surface of the genitals. Never use over the counter treatments on the genital area this can cause irreversible damage. Ask the health care provider about a topical treatment that has worked wonders in all types of body warts cases it is called Warts No More, by Forces of Nature.

Foot warts, or plantar warts are located on the plantar portion, or sole of the foot. This body warts starts as a lesion that can spread into clusters then they are referred to as (Mosaic Warts). Planter warts have been compared to an iceberg, because the portion that is not visible to the eye is usually twice as large beneath the skin. This body warts is caused by the pressure applied to the sole of the foot through both standing, and walking. Often mistaken for a callus, a plantar warts can be diagnosed by pinching the body warts between two fingers if there is pain it is a plantar warts. A plantar warts has a tiny black dot in the center also this dot is a capillary that carries blood to the plantar warts. An amazing body warts product on the market is called Warts No More ask your health care provider for more information about this wonderful product. Warts No More could save you the pain of surgery, or painful, scaring treatments.

Flat warts, are smaller and smother then any other body warts. This type of body warts is found on the face, neck, trunk, arms, hands, legs, and feet. Children are porn to become infected with flat warts on their face, and hands. Men are likely to find them in the beard area due to shaving. Women find them on their legs for the same reason. People are singing the praises of a product called Warts No More for the quick, and efficient removal of this body warts known as flat warts.

There is a wonderful product on the market that has proven to destroy warts without scaring, or an enormous amount of pain it is called Warts No More, by Forces of Nature. This product is made of 100% pure and natural essential oils, and plant extracts.